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Serving the Empire

What’s this kerfuffle in Venezuela all about anyway? Freedom from tyranny? Democracy for the people? Well, to quote John Bolton, National Security Advisor to the President of the U.S., it’s really about oil (no big surprise there). And Venezuela has … Continue reading

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Canada about to censor internet?

Well, if anyone was going to do it, it would be the Trudeau Liberals. And no, I bear no allegiance to ANY political party, I just believe some are more evil than others. This article appeared recently on, an … Continue reading

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Smedley Butler

In keeping with and continuing the theme of yesterday’s blog, I would like to talk just a little bit about an obscure figure of 20th century history, and why it is important to remember this man. How many of you … Continue reading

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Paid Patriotism

I get lots of enjoyment watching American football on Sundays (and Thursdays, and Saturdays, well, you get the picture). We spend more money than we really should on NFL Gamepass, and the associated privilege of watching ‘RED ZONE’ on Sundays … Continue reading

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