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Residents of Ontario will understand the gist of this blogpost pretty much right away; for those of you in other states, provinces, regions and kingdoms, it may take a paragraph or two.

Apparently, Premier Kathleen Wynn has ‘pulled the plug’ on the Liberals’ chances of forming the next government at Queens Park in Toronto. “Tears were streaming down” they claimed, as she announced that the Liberals had no chance of winning the election (heck, only days away), virtually resigning as Premier of Ontario before a single vote was counted.

The Liberals want to become ‘the good guys’ again. And that is after her party decimated the horse racing industry in Ontario by pulling out the slots that had been competing with the casinos (which in my opinion, are primarily fronts for money laundering), resulting in the killing of thousands of horses and mass elimination of related jobs in that once-prolific industry. Court documents from a civil suit against that despicable party reveal the government anticipated the changes would lead to “23,000 job losses and 27,000 dead horses”. Yet they went ahead with it anyway.

Well, I say “Good Riddance” to Kathleen Wynn and the Liberals; and what poetic justice would be served if – after the June 7th election – they actually lose ‘party status’ in that province. They (and especially ex-Premier Dalton McGuinty) should have been subjected to – at the very least – an official Inquiry into the billion-dollar fiasco that was the cancellation of the gas plants in ridings they thought they might lose votes in, if the projects continued to completion. That Inquiry was going to go ahead just prior to the last election; but when the Liberals found themselves with a majority government after that election (thanks, Toronto!) they predictably cancelled it.

A pox on them, I say. The whole corrupt bunch.

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  1. Yosemite Sam says:

    And that is to say nothing of the Wynn-mills popping up all over rural Ontario and stonewalling of the mitigation of the adverse health effects and plummeting of property values for those living in close proximity; the shut-down of the clean-coal plant in Courtright, Ontario (among other coal plants in the province) while ‘dirty coal’ plants right across the river and international border with the U.S. ramp up and puke out SO2 to serve the Canadian demand in hot weather; the heavy subsidies paid out for low-efficiency and high-cost private ‘alternative energy’ suppliers; and punishment of rural Ontario for their overwhelming support of more conservative-platformed parties vs. the Liberal red of Toronto.

    An energy policy that, of course, hurts the working poor most.

  2. Gaétane Leroux says:

    Amen! Let’s see what Ford will do now! 🙂

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