The Shape of Things to Come

Caution: this is a longer post than my usual claptrap; there were a lot of things I needed to get out of my head this morning. If you’re short of time, or just plain like Tom Waits, simply scroll down to the very bottom and click the link there; it pretty much musically sums up the whole ‘shape of things to come’, while at the same time providing good entertainment value, in my opinion anyway.


I really don’t like to post political blogs, as I have no desire to alienate many of my good friends whose beliefs differ from mine. My feelings toward you are not conditional on your political affiliations or views; and regardless of whom you support, if I love you now, I will love you forever. There is no good reason to stifle or ridicule the opinions of others, and I will always respect your right to plead your case – and hope that you will respect mine in kind.

Having said that, I would like to briefly prognosticate on the future political prospects in both Canada and the U.S.

  1. Canada

In the 2019 election the Conservatives garnered the most votes, but well short of the magic number to form a majority government – even with the support of the Bloc had it been forthcoming.

Here’s the breakdown (source):

Conservative – 34.3%
Liberals – 33.1%
NDP – 16%
Bloc Quebecois – 7.6%
Green – 6.5%
Independent – 0.4%

Disclosure: I voted for Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party of Canada – I’m one of those 0.4 percenters – as theirs was the only platform that moderately appealed to me. I come by that honestly, I’m an old middle-income white guy and I’m fed up with so-called ‘strategic’ voting. Maxime Bernier has been absolutely and effectively pilloried for his views on tightening up our immigration policy, and labeled as a racist bigot – heck, even the Conservatives played dirty with him – but when the so-called independent press that is essentially a mouthpiece and paid media propaganda agent of the Liberal Party of Canada, what more can one expect.

Future prospects:

Regardless of who takes the helm of any of the political parties, I believe the Conservatives are – for all practical purposes – destined to be bridesmaids for the foreseeable future. Changing demographics – the mortality tables catching up on the old white guys with immigration at a rate of several times that required to displace them – will virtually secure the Liberal/NDP stranglehold on power at the federal (and eventually provincial) level, and for generations to come I believe.

The future is not a bright one if you are an independent business owner, work directly for, or indirectly in the many spin-off industries supported by, the Alberta Energy sector or B.C. Forestry industry; or, if your political leanings happen to fall anywhere right of center.

If you’re interested,  here is a short editorial by Candice Malcolm of True North Media that, unlike the CBC and Toronto Star, receives NO funding whatsoever from the federal government. If you read it, you will understand why I tend to resonate with them, and not the very well paid (thanks to their hero, Justin Trudeau) press corps I affectionately refer to as ‘paid presstitues’, that pose as independent media in this country.

2. The U.S.

America has become a battleground, and I fear it may eventually come to blows; perhaps not quite so bad as it did back in the 1860’s, but bad enough.

Down there, the Democrats and Republicans just hate each other to bits. I think there’s a little (well, more like a lot) more hate on one side than the other, but that is just my opinion from my limited observations – and I freely admit that I may well be wrong in that broad-brush assessment.

Future Prospects:

The coming election will of course have its share of skullduggery (check out recent stories here and here; there are countless others if you look). We’ve already seen incidents of mail-in ballots being found in the trash, most recently in California. But in the end, I am predicting a Democrat in the White House come January.

The Donald ‘trumped up’ a lot of support in the 2016 election by holding rallies where he presented his platform directly to multitudes of people. His sales pitch (genuine or otherwise) was to bring back jobs to America (well, to the U.S. of America at least). People who were unemployed liked that message. A lot of people who identified with the Dem’s liked that message too. All most Americans want is the opportunity to make a living, commensurate with their skills and qualifications, and provide an optimistic future for their children and grand-children. Most are tired of foreign wars and regime change (arguably more to the advantage of higher corporate interests than to the common man-in-the-street who foots the bill for it all in taxes) that have continued on down since as long as I can remember, regardless of what party is in power.

But now, there are no more rallies; the plandemic has taken care of all that. All I can say about the nomination of Joe Biden as the Democratic presidential candidate is . . Seriously?? Is he the best person they could come up with??

Most, if not all, of the mainstream press in that country have been consistently anti-Trump; all the while his opponent Biden has bumbled his way along and has gotten pretty much a free pass. The lamestream media conveniently ignores his many gaffes and bloopers, while the demonization of the Donald continues relentlessly. But then again, I suppose he openly invites it upon himself; he does not seem to have an ‘inside’ voice.

The press virtually ignores all of Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s shenanigans in eastern Europe, much like the press up here trip over each other making lame excuses for Trudeau’s myriad of ethics violations, but alas, I digress again. (I did warn you this might run a bit long…)

The first, and quite probably last, presidential debate is tonight and little more than three hours away at the time of this posting, but with a gentleman like Chris Wallace moderating (there is and will be no doubt as to his partisanship and personal political leanings) my guess is that it will be heavily scripted and controlled. And, you can bet, just like the 2015 election debates with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate will have the benefit of knowing most, if not all of the questions in advance. Sleepy Joe will need that an awful lot more than Hillary ever did to gain any strategic advantage.

I don’t have to stomach to endure 90 minutes of that right now; I am waiting for rather important surgery (urgent likely meaning some time in the next month, according to B.C.’s Interior Health). I may attempt to watch the highlights the next morning though, once all of the dust has settled, if my curiosity outweighs my compromised intestinal fortitude.

If the debate was truly a fair one with a totally objective moderator, my guess is that Biden would be sliced and diced to smithereens.


And what of us snowbirds, you ask?

Well even if you didn’t, I’m going to tell you. We are still going to head to Arizona this winter; I am reasonably confident things will be OK in that neck of the woods . . it’s just driving there and back I am a little concerned about. With the present dictates in place, Lynn, being a dual-citizen, can take our truck along with all of our gear across the land border; but I, being a Canadian citizen, cannot cross the border by land. (Who’d ever thunk …) I must fly into a U.S. city somewhere, and have Lynn meet me there so we can continue our journey. I could fly right from Kelowna to Phoenix for a little over CDN$300, believe it or not; but the thought of Lynn making that journey by land all by herself is too frightening to seriously consider that option. We’ll definitely look into all the options before we ultimately decide on our paths.

When we were in Arizona (the northern outskirts of Phoenix) last year, we were bowled over with how so many businesses were prosperous and flourishing in that economic climate. What a contrast to the business climate in this country! You have to see it for yourself to believe it.

But the opposite was true in so-called ‘blue’ states – those governed by Democratic administrations. Coincidentally, it is those ‘blue’ states that seem to be suffering the most from social unrest, massive wildfires and rioting by ‘peaceful’ protestors.

There is no way to avoid them when driving from here; but you can rest assured that we will not be stopping in places like that, where a Canadian license plate will attract the least-wanted kind of attention. Lynn will cross in Washington, but after that veer to the SE to avoid Oregon and California. Driving through those states, after all of the fires, would be heartbreaking to both of us. Most of our journey will take us through sparsely populated rural areas and we plan on completely avoiding the big cities.

I just hope we arrive at our destination before November third.

After that, all hell could break loose.

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  1. admin says:

    November 2. 2020 Follow-Up

    On the eve of the U.S. Presidential Election, I thought I would do a quick postscript to my previous blog above from a month back. Do I still feel the same way now?

    There have been some opinions presented about the inaccuracy of pre-election polling (we all know what happened last time) and the theory that many if not most Trump supporters have been keeping ‘mum’ on their positions, and when asked, do not provide an answer out of fear of ridicule. The ‘silent majority’, some would refer to them as.

    Add to that, the fact that left-slanted news organizations (ABC, CNN, NBC come to mind) have only in recent days cast some dim light on the activities of the Democratic nominee’s son, Hunter in Eastern Europe, adds some element of doubt.

    Many are saying that this election is just too close to call.

    I still feel the odds are with Biden though – he has the backing of the big three social media giants – Google, Facebook, and Twitter, all of whom have been blatantly censoring anything that makes Biden look bad. And he’s the guy who has the financial backing of the most powerful men in the world.

    If I had to lay bets, knowing the influence that the mass media has over society now (perhaps ‘mass propaganda agents’ would be a more appropriate term) with all of their so-called ‘fact-checkers’ who make sure only the ‘correct’ facts get published, my money’s on the rich guys finishing in the winner’s circle.

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