This Land

I am really beginning to wonder if this land is my land any more.

It seems we have entered a new dark age, where the control of the information we are allowed to read or hear is concentrated in very few hands. The federal Liberal government financially supports (read – bribes) their darling left-wing media to such an extent that  outlets like the CBC are little more than a propaganda arm of that government; while conservative news organizations like True North, Rebel News and The Post Millennial get nothing. How long do you think the CBC would last if they had to survive on their own merit?

Small local businesses are bearing the brunt of the lock-downs, while big corporate businesses like Walmart, Costco, and of course Amazon are still going as strong or stronger than ever. In Manitoba you can’t go to a bricks-and-mortar store to buy a coat for your kid – but you can order as many as you like from Amazon.

Private business is the anchor of a free society. Without them we have no economy, and we all become slaves to the corporatocracy. This is what is happening in Canada right now.

One man who defied the lock-down, Adam Skelly, owner of Adamson Barbeque in Etobicoke, was arrested and his restaurant boarded up. Many of his customers showed up to support him, but an armada of police – some on horseback – surrounded his establishment to maintain order. Heavy-handedness like this was never deployed for Antifa and BLM protests.

The conditions of his bail include him staying 200 meters away from any of his three businesses (I don’t know what the other two are or how relevant to the whole COVID plandemic they are), and – get this – he is not allowed to use, post or communicate on social media!

Are we living in Communist China ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

He is being censored and silenced, plain and simple. Right or wrong, they don’t want his message to get out. Is this the Canada that I once knew?

Organizers were planning to hold a demonstration at Queen’s Park today, November 28th, in support of Adam and in opposition to the draconian measures being foisted on the citizenry of Ontario. One of the guest speakers was supposed to be Ryan Kulbaba of British Columbia. Remember him? He was the one who protested the mask policy on B.C. Ferries a few weeks ago. He bought a plane ticket on Air Canada and was supposed to fly to Toronto on the 27th but was detained by security and denied entry onto the plane. They claimed it was because they thought he wasn’t going to wear a mask (he has a medical exemption which gives him that legal right) and was going to endanger passengers on the airplane. But I doubt that was the real reason they didn’t want him to get on that plane. He posted about his experience on social media this morning, but by mid-day he had been censored too, and his video became inaccessible.

In my opinion, they wanted to silence him too – and not allow him the opportunity to deliver his message to whoever showed up at the Toronto event, and subsequently preventing him from even talking about the experience on his facebook page.

This land is not the land I grew up in, nor the land of my father and grandfather before him. That land has been taken from us. If they were still around and could see what is happening, and the direction things are headed, they would be furious. And most of that fury would probably be directed at all those people who say nothing, and think all of this is just being done ‘for our own good’.

We have squandered the freedom our forefathers fought and died for. If we continue to sit idly by, wallow in our fear, and swallow the claptrap the mainstream media is feeding us, future generations are doomed.

The next time I leave this land, what was once my land, it may indeed be the last.

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3 Responses to This Land

  1. Lynnie says:

    I’ve been jokingly saying “we live in interesting times” over the past few months, but these recent events and the increasingly biased news coverage thereof have certainly squashed any remaining feelings of confidence I have in Canada’s future. Nothing will be the same again.

  2. Pete says:

    Mike…. what you say here is so true… he had the balls to test the laws… and I am so glad he is getting so much from the gofundme…. and $50k bail….. shit I could beat you for an hour and probably have a bail of $15k for assault when it should be attempted murder….

    • admin says:

      You’re bang on. $50K for a small time business operator like this, for something like that. They want to silence – if not bankrupt – all opposition.

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