“We made a mistake”

“We Made A Mistake”: Peel Health Apologizes for Advising Parents to Confine Children

A mistake? No kidding!

Imagine confining your asymptomatic 7-year old child to their room – even forced to eat alone and deprived of any human contact – for fourteen days. What kind of so-called ‘Health Care’ agency advocates and knowingly inflicts that sort of mental torture on young families?

That is what we are up against, folks.

“I don’t understand how any health-care professional has moved so far away from the fundamentals of public health and of doing no harm that they would think that basically incarcerating a child in a room for 14 days is in any way justified,” Dr. Fulford said.

(Quoted from linked article at the beginning)

It took positive action from the Brampton mayor Patrick Brown – speaking out against this draconian and totally unnecessary measure – to get them to back down.

The real question, and one that will likely go unanswered, remains: Where did such a directive originate? And who among the municipal and medical officials simply rubber-stamped it and otherwise went along with it, to the extent that flyers were widely distributed through the region?

More of us need to speak out against actions like these perpetrated by unelected bureaucrats, as well as by many of our misguided elected representatives – or our ‘free’ society, standard of living, and all that we hold dear will continue to spiral down toward a hellish end.

Looking at the Ontario Government’s own numbers from March 1st, Peel Region is second only to Thunder Bay in COVID case incidence in the population-at-large, at just less than 14 cases per 100,000 people. Put into perspective, in this ‘High-community risk level’ zone, you have a 0.014% chance of even contracting COVID, let alone getting sick from it. And of those few who indeed are infected, you have an overall 99% survival rate (unless of course you’re over 80 and immune-compromised).

Yet half the population is rushing out to get the ‘vaccine’, and we have sent untold numbers of private businesses into bankruptcy; peoples’ lives and dreams shattered beyond repair. And nothing but fear-porn from the mainstream media, steering the direction of public opinion and ridiculing any dissenting voices.

Someone needs to be accountable for what happened in Peel Region, and for what is happening in way too many other regions and municipalities across Canada.

There are a LOT of mistakes being made in this country of ours. And no end in sight.

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  1. Lynn says:

    Absolutely agree with your post. How incredibly irresponsible of the “public health” authorities to allow such horrendous instruction to be distributed to parents and families already struggling under Canada’s draconian lockdown measures. This has to stop! Let our young get back to living. Protect those who are actually in danger of becoming truly ill from this new cold virus and lets get back to some form of sane existence.

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