The Death of Free Speech

Of all the cornerstones a free society needs to survive, freedom of the press – and free flow of information among its citizenry – ranks right up there. And its polar opposite, censorship, no matter how insidiously it is cloaked, is one that should be feared most vehemently.

In several of my previous blog posts, I have vented about the state of the fifth estate in the so-called ‘free’ countries – especially the two I am most familiar with, the U.S. and of course Canada, where the CBC is to my mind a virtual propaganda arm of the Liberal government.

Regardless of one’s political leanings (and I make no secret or apologies for mine) one should be troubled when all of the mainstream journalists seem to be lined up in agreement with the narrative dictated from upon high. This never used to be the case.

When I grew up, we got most of our ‘news’ from newspapers; and to a lesser extent, television and radio. In the fifties and sixties, before the days of the internet, there were many independent newspapers, and the decisions of what ‘made the news’ was made at the local level, as was editorial discretion.

The editorial page was always my go-to (after reading about how well the Leafs did last night, that is) and I enjoyed the wide array of opinions expressed from the citizenry – many of whom were well versed and concise in expressing their viewpoint on this or that particular subject, whether or not one was in agreement with their views. There were almost always opinions expressed on both sides of every argument – from editorial writers, and readers alike. I believe that is what kept our politicians in line with at least some of the promises they made to get elected. And to see an error in grammar or spelling was a rare exception, not the rule.

My children did not grow up in a world like that, so they never really knew what that world – almost utopian compared to what is the new normal now – even looked like.

Much of what television offered back in the 1960’s was admittedly pretty corny, but there were some gems. Everyone of my generation remembers Walter Cronkite – and the look of disgust in his eyes when he was reporting something he suspected was disinformation, or reprehensible like the Kennedy and Martin Luther King assassinations. Lee Oswald even got his ten seconds of fame when he stated in prime time ‘I didn’t shoot no one’ and begged for legal representation on the air. But a scene like that would never see the light of nightly news now, unless it fit neatly into ‘the narrative’.

Funny thing is, I actually believed him (I was only 7) and fifty years later came to learn that my convictions at the time were probably right on, from reading books like Jim Marrs ‘Crossfire’ and Judyth Vary Baker’s ‘Me and Lee’ among others.

Today, there are only a handful of media companies that own virtually everything – including opinion itself, apparently. And with very few exceptions, they all parrot the same narrative of the day. In Canada, the federal Liberal government blatantly funds news organizations like they do any other branch of government – the CBC of course, but also all of the others who faithfully toe the line like CTV and Global. They gorge themselves at the public purse, and gush over the Liberal government that keeps topping up their financial feed-bags.

Independent news outlets (and yes there are still a few) like Rebel News, True North, the Post Millenial receive absolutely nothing from the Feds, and are thus not competing on an even playing field with the federally-funded the big boys. And if they dare to expose inconvenient truths they are ‘de-platformed’ by the Amazon/Facebook/Google gods, and de-funded by YouTube, depriving them of the bulk of their revenue stream in a blatant attempt to starve them out. Their demise is only a matter of time. Legislation on ‘hate-speech’ soon to be tabled by those Liberals, will effectively mute any dissenting opinion.

The U.S. fares only slightly better, but with same leftist slant in the majority of them – CNN, CNBC, CBS, and ABC. I gave up on all of them – and network television – decades ago. See the most recent exposé where CNN director Charlie Chester admits their ‘news’ is propaganda from

After Parler – a social media site that threatened NOT to censor people whose opinions got them banned from Facebook, was cut down at the knees by Google and Amazon, I knew that those of us who were rightly skeptical of the propaganda we’ve been spoon-fed by our leaders, were in deep shit.

Now, corporations are bigger than countries. They are global in nature, and subscribe to none of the ethics that a free society holds dear. Globalist interests have infiltrated our governments, and unelected bureaucrats taking their marching orders from the U.N. and World Health Organization have been placed in positions of authority as so-called ‘health tzars’ and are the driving force behind the totally unjustified, overbearing and devastating lock-downs that are killing our spirit, our hope, our sanity and our economy. The logical end is that all of us in the prime of our working lives will eventually become debt-slaves – and The Great Reset comes galloping on a White Horse to save us all (or maybe just some of us) from our demise. Welcome to the New Feudalism, 14th century-style.

Private business and free enterprise are the anchors of any free society – and they are going under at an alarming rate; while the likes of Amazon and Google and Facebook are raking in obscene profits and are the primary reason the stock market is so high. The saying that what is good for Wall Street is bad for Main Street has never been more appropriate than it is today under Covidism. If the middle class was on life support before, it is practically DOA now.

If there is one thing (of many) that this situation we find ourselves in today has taught us, it is that there is no longer any such thing as a sovereign state. Remember COVID-denying and populist President Magufuli of Tanzania – the guy who sent samples of a goat, a sheep, a papaya and motor oil to the WHO for COVID testing, three of which came back positive – and was then deposed in a coup (at the gentle urging of the globalist CFR) and showed up dead two weeks later? And then there’s always that sitting President of the U.S. who was ‘deplatformed’ by Twitter before he’d even left office.

Those who have the gold rule now, more that they ever have in the past. The gap between the richest and the rest of us has never been wider – and by many orders of magnitude.

We all know the saying  “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely”. And that does not bode well for any of us, regardless of where on the globe we live.

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  1. Gaétane Leroux says:

    No question that the news are no longer news. Not only do we no longer see or hear different point of view, but the sensationalism is now the norm. The blending of entertainment and news has created a monster of misinformation. It is sad to know that now that we have all kind of information available at our fingertips, we question more and more the validity of what we hear or see. The next generation is learning to live in fear and suspicion.

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