Ontario Provincial Election Looms

It’s time once again for prognostication of a political kind.

There is a provincial election in Ontario coming up in less than one week’s time, and I have sinking feelings similar to the ones I had when I predicted both the U.S. and Canadian federal elections some 12 months ago.

(And, if I may toot my own horn, I was correct on both counts.)

So here goes nuthin’.

Many Conservative pundits have predicted a Ford Conservative win. However, during the last two years, actions taken by the so-called pro-business Ford government have resulted in more failures and bankruptcies than at any other time in our history. Sure, you can blame COVID for that, but I do not. I blame our collective over-reaction to this so-called pandemic, the most hideous being the senseless lockdowns and vaccine mandates, neither of which have had any positive outcomes. Quite the contrary, in fact.

The same goes for mask mandates and social distancing. Just look at Florida and Governor DeSantis, where there was none of this destructive nonsense imposed on the people, and compare the numbers. They speak for themselves.

We DID ask the obvious question to our local MPP (and cc’d Mr. Ford), what evidence they had to support the suspension of our basic rights (like informed consent!) and freedoms. But neither offered any, and after sending us the same smug, canned, non-reply they probably sent to everyone else who called them out on it, ignored all subsequent emails from us.

The biggest victims of this scam have been people who have historically voted conservative. It is as though Doug has taken all his orders right from ‘woke’ Ottawa, and the globalist minions who are currently in power there. Do you think all those people who were shuttered and have since become debt slaves will turn around and vote for the same morally bankrupt people who’ve put them in that position? Me thinks . . . NOT.

Other than the REALLY big guys (think corporate, like Walmart, Canadian Tire and Amazon) I can’t for the life of me see any struggling small-business owner voting for the other two major parties, the Liberals and NDP; had they had their way during this scamdemic, things would have been even more tyrannical.

There are a couple of other so-called ‘fringe’ parties who’ve risen up – the Ontario PPC and the New Blue Party, who currently espouse the most core conservative ideals of any, in my opinion anyway. But both have been denied a voice and shut out of the left-leaning mainstream media debates, due to rules that change with virtually every election. Their message is not being heard by the masses, therefore it is doubtful either of these parties will become a factor, other than taking votes away from the Conservatives.

So how will this shake out June 2nd? I (reluctantly) predict a mirror image of what happened in the last federal election. The Liberals will successfully seek out the backing of the NDP, who combined will have won more seats than the Ford Conservatives, and form the next coalition government in Ontario.

And that, in a word or two, is a truly frightening proposition; even more ghastly than another four years under Ford.

I can only pray that I am wrong this time.

~  ~  ~

Supplemental June 3, 2022

Well, pass the curried crow – I sure got that wrong! But I certainly ain’t complaining LOL

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