A Turning Point?

It has been quite some time – years, in fact – that I have been waiting for some speck of light to poke through from the end of the COVID plan-scamdemic tunnel. And perhaps that time is imminent.

Even as we are dyed-in-the-wool PPC (Peoples Party of Canada)/Max Bernier supporters, it has been interesting for Lynn and I to watch the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) leadership race, given the apparent shift-to-the-right the party has taken in recent months under interim leader Candice Bergen. They had previously stooped to new leftist lows under Erin O’Toole, whose views I thought were more consistent with a Liberal cabinet minister than anything remotely ‘conservative’. And speaking of, yet another ‘liberal in sheep’s clothing’ (in the leadership race of all places!) is Jean Charest, who actually governed as Premier of Quebec under the Liberal banner from 2003 to 2012. Go figure…

It would appear at this stage in the race, that Pierre Poilievre is the front-runner, at least among professed conservative voters in the country. We like Roman Baber, as he has been the most consistent true conservative throughout this debacle that has gripped the country. But in the opinion of voters as a whole, the confident and assertive Poilievre is no doubt the most electable of all the candidates.

Having said that, historically, the CPC always shoots itself in the foot when it comes time to elect a leader. Just look at who won the last two contests, and that should tell you all you need to know. Time will tell if they go three-for-three.

In the last few days, to my surprise, there have been rumblings that Trudeau is considering calling yet another election in the coming months. When I first heard this, I thought, ‘no frigging way’.  Why the hell would he? Let’s crawl out on a twig and speculate on the potential reasons:

  • He is losing the support of his fellow globalist WEF alumnus Singh and the NDP. There is no doubt Trudeau’s popularity has plummeted since his declaring the Emergencies Act and the whole truckers’ convoy thing. Perhaps Singh knows his support of Trudeau is rather like remaining on a sinking ship, and has signalled the liberals that he wants a divorce.
  • He is losing the support of  his own cabinet, for reasons similar to the above. Calling an election and losing would be preferable to resigning, and allow him to save face – such as it is.
  • He is afraid of what is going to come out with all of the lawsuits over vaccine passports. We have heard from sources that things are not going so well for him in court. Per Shaun Rickard of Canada Flight Alternatives:

  • He knows about the financial meltdown, food shortages and energy crisis looming ahead, and even though his policies have greatly contributed to them all, he does not want to be left holding the bag when it all comes down.

So initially, I thought we weren’t going to be rid of him for possibly another four years, and could see us all going straight to hell in his hand-basket. But without him and his globalist masters pulling the strings in Ottawa, maybe for Canadians there is just a little ray of light at the end of the tunnel after all . . .

Or at least maybe a less bumpy ride down that hand-basket he left us all in.

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  1. Gaétane says:

    Well, although not a fan of Conservative thinking, I also been watching the leadership race. I can tell you up front that Lewis is instantly out. Baber I feel is too green. Charest, I have seen the damage that this man can make, he will not be elected, QC kicked him out of power for a reason. Aitchison look to me as a classy guy, experienced and I feel that he would be respected. Just wishful thinking though. So, in my view, Poilievre should be 2nd in command. In charge of the purse, I would like to see him being Finance Minister. Finally, I am so glad that Patrick Brown is gone. I wouldn’t trust him with a 10 foot pole. – As for Trudeau, I heard that he took a vacation in Costa Rica in order to decide if he will continue or move on to something else. I believe that he wants to be an Ambassador or something like that. He is looking for Prestige. My 2 cents! 🙂

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