Federal Approach to the Drug Problem

I have been so damn busy here at WHQ, I haven’t had time to read much or listen to much news the last couple of weeks. I can’t spend all morning watching television like some people (eg. POTUS) so I am just now getting caught up to events on the world stage (thanks to Dr. Farrell) and I will have even more time in the next four to six weeks, as I am now recuperating from yesterdays’s hernia surgery (which went really well). But rarely do I pay much attention to federal (Canadian) politics . . primarily, because seldom do they ever do anything useful, nor follow through on all of the promises they make.

Hopefully, the last thing I heard bellowing from the halls of Ottawa follows the same pattern of inaction. Apparently, they are talking about tackling the overdose death problem by providing more supervised injection sites for those unfortunate addicts to continue their spiral further down into a hellish existence the likes of which most of us can barely imagine.

Now, the cynical among us (me? Naaahhhh…) figure the money might be better spent trying to get people OFF these drugs – rehabilitation efforts and the like. It sort of sounds like an ‘open bar at an AA meeting’ kind of idea.

But I guess the Canadian Medical Association, our honourable federal politicians, both Senate and House of Commons, and Big Pharma (who will be supplying ‘safe’ drugs in nice clean needles and neatly measured amounts for these proposed injection sites, no doubt) know better than I do.

Incidentally, I return home from abdominal surgery (hernia repair) with my belly button stitched back up holding it together, which can get rather uncomfortable when you move around let me tell you. What kind of pain meds do they send me home with, you ask? NOTHING! A student nurse counsels me to take Tylenol and Advil every four hours ‘if I experience post-surgical pain’.

Well, let me utter the F word here, just once. Just under my breath. Inside voice. There . . .

We are tripping over ourselves to medicate addicts, but sending people home from surgery with nothing. Thank the good Lord I have something for my cluster headaches I can use to get me through the first day or two; otherwise, I guess I would be out on the street hobbling in pain looking for a fix.

If anyone wants further reading on the debate over safe injection sites, here is the link to the CBC news story:


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  1. Lynnie says:

    I cannot understand why our government is enabling addicts to continue to abuse themselves. As an acquaintance said: “Do alcoholics get free rides home from the bar when they go out and drink?” What is the big picture here?

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